Dec. 24th, 2010 06:14 am
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I totally didn't forget about this place, wat. ._.

*cough* Anywaaaay.

So, stuff has happened.

What, stuff? Do tell!


Halloween was pretty much epic. My real life friend Jen came over and we sat up in my room and did a little makeshift Samhain ritual. Just kinda chilled with some candles, did some chanting and reflecting, some fire meditation (basically staring into the candle flames and going into a trance or something), and talked about stuff. And did like a communion with some cider and cupcakes. c: Was -great-.

In November... Oh! I should mention (and plug), that I got accepted into a serial killer collab comic on SJ called Serial Box. C: Ffffffuck yes.~

So, I'm taking Paxil now. What's Paxil you ask? It's anxiety/depression medication that I started after I heard about it from a friend (and apparently my mom used to take it). I just finished the period where I start out on one a day, and now I'm taking two. Hooraaay. Now hopefully I'll be all medicated and calm when the therapist starts coming for actual sessions.

Also, since my mom just got on social security and I'm now officially the disabled child of a disabled parent, I'm now getting social security benefits, in -addition- to the supplemental security income (SSI). However, one of the amounts is gonna be reduced to accommodate the extra income. Whatever, as long as I'm not getting -less- than I already was.

Other than that, I've just been kinda... Drifting in and out of depression and anxiety, and then good moods. I've also been having a shitty time sleeping all this week. It's been taking me forever to get comfortable, and sometimes when I actually get to sleep it's not even a real sleep and I keep waking up. UGH.

The 21st was the Winter Solstice, or Yule. I was gonna do Wiccan things with Jen, but I decided not too since I was too sore and tired (and she was probably working). Meh, I still said a little prayer thing in my head before I fell asleep. And now it's Christmas Eve, so the parents and sister will be heading to MN to spend the afternoon with the relatives. I've got some Subway in the fridge I'm gonna eat for supper. Yummmm.~ I just recently bought the Squiddles and Alternia album from the Homestuck music site ( as a present to me.. And also cause I reeeeally wanted to see the full Squiddles animation.~<3

Have a great Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Yule, and whatever else!

P.S.; Derp, and a happy New Year! <3


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