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crimson_firecat ([personal profile] crimson_firecat) wrote2010-10-23 01:03 am

Hullo I guess.

I just left livejournal cause of the bullshitting staff. My friend from moodbox invited me here.

Uh... I'm kinda hot and icky feeling like I've got the flu, and am contemplating opening a window even though it's like 45F outside. Bluuuuuh.

Also lonely even though there's a shitload of people on. Just not the one I really really want to be on. Grawr. Should be leveling on WoW but don't feel like it. ALSO should be working on WoW character ref sheets but... Bah. Make me.

Hopefully something more competently written next time I feel like writing here.

In the meantime, check out my art sites for all my art and better written journal entries. *points at links on the page*